by Bob May, October 13, 2020

For Sam, who asked.

It’s Autumn, 1969, and I’m listening to “Here Comes The Sun” from “Abbey Road” with its incredible six-part bridge. I’m 19, and standing, watching the sun come up through a wall of windows on the 27th floor of the Fox Plaza in San Francisco. I’m in the apartment of my friends Kirk and Peter, who are a couple, and my lovers — it’s the 60’s, remember? The stereo is excellent. George Harrison’s voice is warm, full and resonant;, and the bass notes are especially visceral and thundering. I may be…

“Rio Can Be Murder!,” Mystery Cafe, Arcadia, 1993. Me in the red dress.

Part 1.

Back before the pandemic…

What did you do on a Friday night?

What if you’re an actor?

What do you do if you’re an actor on a Friday night? You act, right?

What do you do if you’re a movie background actor by day? Or, an extra? Or a SAG-AFTRA member and the cameras aren’t turning on a Friday night?

If it’s summer hiatus? Or you’re between jobs, collecting unemployment? Or you’re an AEA actor and you’ve been auditioning for but not getting roles on TV, or movies or shows? Or, you’re a technician between projects?

What if…

Robert May

Retiree, writer, stage director and actor. Gay man. Born 1950. Worked in business 35 years. Lives in Costa Mesa, CA.

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